East Country Electric Manufactures Custom Control Panels

Control Systems for Grain Handling Applications
Control Systems for Grain Handling Applications

East Country Electric entered the control panel manufacturing business after trying to sort out the problems they encountered trying to make a Pea Color Sorter work with a panel their Client bought from a manufacturer who builds control panels to the client’s specifications. Communication problems in the specification process, often leads to panels that may be what the client asked for but not necessarily what the client needs. Testing and correcting the wiring proved to be more complicated that designing the panel themselves to the Client’s specifications. East Country Electric consults with each client and creates the ladder logic used to build control panels so that when it comes time to install the panel, it works the first time the way it’s supposed to work.

East Country Electric has developed a customer service process that ensures the grain handling facility works the way you want it to work, with the bells and whistles that you want included and designed at a price you can live with.

Timing is important in events throughout the grain system so the precision of the control panel is critical in its successful operation. East Country Electric designs grain handling control panels by sitting down with the Client and analyzing what needs to happen when and in what order and designs the control panel accordingly.

When the facility is designed to the stage of a detailed drawing, we meet with you and work out how the system components will work together. From simple things like which machines start in sequence to which system components require sensors to monitor their operation. We coach you in designing how the system will work most efficiently with the amount of automation and monitoring that you’d like to see in your system. We go through the system step-by-step to ensure that every detail you want included gets a thorough inspection to make sure it fits into the system seamlessly. We walk you through the “what if’s” of the system. If this sensor goes off, what happens? If this component plugs up, what happens? If the system runs out of grain, or a bin fills, or an alarm goes off, or if the dryer overheats, what happens? All of those questions get answers before we begin to build your control panel.

Walking you through how your system will operate helps us develop an electrical schematic which we then take to our engineer so that they can supply us with stamped formal logic diagram which we use to translate your ideas into a working system. The project is quoted and the panel is installed all by the same personnel so communication problems are minimized. All of the wiring and testing is done by the installers so from design to start-up the client develops a working relationship that minimizes difficulties and maximizes efficiency.

East Country Electric builds electrical control panels and supports the panel by installing wiring in commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings throughout the western provinces. From BC to Manitoba, we design and build control panels that run grain handling projects, grain drying operations, or any other agricultural operation that requires automation.